The Naked Queen

A Tangential Arthurian Legend


King Arthur, early in his reign, receives a stranger/visitor who brings him an amazing story of an amazing woman: The Naked Queen of Tabithia. After completing the bizarre ritual of First Night in the court of Ballizar–Tabithia’s king–Syrenya becomes the King’s Consort and Queen of Tabithia

but because her nation eschewed clothing as a matter of course, she is loathe to wear any garb at all. But on the third night of her lengthy stay at the castle, and only the second night of her marriage to Ballizar, Syrenya learns a terrible secret, one she must combat. It will take all her cunning, intelligence, resolve, and the span of a quarter century to rid Tabithia of this gargantuan foe. 

An adventure tale by the man who witnessed her reign, Darien–who is the man next in line for Ballizar’s throne. But before he can rule, he must learn the secret behind Tabithia’s renowned Naked Queen, and thus his own destiny. This is purely for fun; an adventure tale of Arthurianesque stature that is a battle between the forces of Good and Evil. Under his adopted mother’s watchful eye–and blessed by her magical talents–Darien as crown prince battles court intrigue, kidnappers, and the dark forces of Evil during his seemingly charmed life. Written to be a hero’s tale, this book is to be read for the pure enjoyment of literary fiction, an adventure to be savored.


The Naked Queen started out as a short story. But it soon outgrew the limits of one, taking on more characters and more locations as the story took on a life of its own. Any author who has stuck it out will tell you that the characters in your book speak to you. They will remind you of prior events, that their character “just wouldn’t do that,” or how they would react to a certain situation.  Soon the book had outgrown the castle at Tabit’s Keep, and it was necessary to create an entire country for the knights to go roaming around in.  There’s a map of Tabithia, named after Jonathann Tabit, the explorer who founded it, in the front of the book.

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