Meet Alan R. Hall

Alan Hall is a native North Carolina author and theater critic who has plied his trade for over thirty years. He is also a columnist, essayist, and short story writer.  


The Naked Queen

Follow how Syrenya, The Naked Queen of Tabithia, kept her reign for a full quarter-century as she drives away not only renegades, rebels, and traitors in court but a monster so mighty she needed two full decades to banish it from her lands. A tale of romance, adventure, battles and magic, The Naked Queen will take its place in the pantheon of those great adeventure tales born of the knights of the Round Table.

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"A tale that delivers an eclectic mix of courtly affairs"
"Cover me not, but let me remain as I am, and show this whole country—nay, this whole world—how I do belong to thee."